What do people say about the water shortage?

One of the many signs in Berkeley reminding people to conserve water. Photo by Ashley Wong

One of the many signs in Berkeley reminding people to conserve water. Photo by Ashley Wong

BERKELEY, Calif. — With the weather in some parts of California at a record high this summer and water conservation measures still in effect, many people are noticing changes to the scenery and are taking a bigger part in saving water.

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Takiyah Franklin from North Oakland, California, says she is becoming more mindful of her water management by filling up her sink with water to use for multiple chores around the house. And whenever she can, Franklin says she will reuse her water to conserve it for others. She also pays sharp attention when there is any sound of running water around her.

Student Justin Luke from Vancouver, Washington, says he is not directly affected by the shortage of water because his water is included in his rent. Luke said it is the “right choice” that there are water restrictions because people who are actually in need of the water for their businesses should be able to use what is essential to them.

Lisa Scott, visiting from Hawaii, is staying with her family near Berkeley. “Usually I take a shower every day,” she says while talking about her life back home, “but now it’s every two days or so”. Scott does not enjoy showering here because she feels there is a limit to how long her shower can be.

New York resident Marlena Gittlemen is staying with her friends in California and noticing what their water habits are. They reuse their water and recycle it for personal hygiene and chores around the house. She arrived to sunny California late last Thursday night, and after only one day, could already recognize the effects of the water conservation. At first, Gittlemen thought that the drought seemed scary, but is now learning more and says “I’m sort of preparing.”