New Snapchat feature not favored among users

Users have the option to disable Snap Map and use Ghost Mode.

WASHINGTON D.C.–Tenleytown residents and American University students opposed the new location update released by Snapchat last week. Some believed it was similar to initiatives taken by different forms of social media while others felt it could be harmful.

On June 21 Snapchat, the billion dollar social media platform released a new feature called ‘Snap Map’. Snap Map allows Snapchat users to find their ‘friends’ exact locations, including street names.

“If you want to know where someone is at a certain time and you’re literally following their every move, then you’re literally just stalking that person,” Malia Morris, 16, said. “Everyone has the right to their privacy and the Snap Map kind of defeats that.”

For those worried about privacy, the Snap Map feature does also allow Ghost Mode. Ghost Mode is a setting that can be turned on or off, it allows people to hide their exact location from followers. Users also have the option of selecting which friends they want to see their location; if any at all

Some have raised concerns about the intentions of others when using the app. Allowing your Snapchat friends to see your location at any given time does not sit easy with all users.

Madelayne Abel, 19, isn’t a supporter of the new snap map feature. She called it “Stalker 101.”

Since the update’s release, there have not been any reported robberies or other crimes as a direct result of the Snap Map feature. Perhaps it is because users are mindful of Snap Maps on Ghost Mode or the update has not been available long enough to truly know its consequences.