Minimum wage movement greater now than in the past


On July 7, 2016, D.C Council voted on the $15 minimum wage movement. The current number is $10.50. They came to a conclusion that stated that the hourly minimum will merge 70 cents per year for it to be $15 in 2020.

Almost two years ago the movement for the raise of the minimum wage began. Today, minimum wages will become greater. 
The new law the minimum wage is engaged to increase $1.00 on July 1st per year through 2016, exceeding at $11.50. Beginning July 1, 2017 the minimum wage will increase 70¢ cents per year. In fact, Washington D.C. has the highest wage of all the the states of  U.S.

Washington D.C is the latest city to approve the $15 minimum wage. It has become a nationwide matter, people from all over the country are engaging themselves and inviting other communities to fight. It started with the workers, it spread through the cities, almost every person in each state has been informed, candidates even discuss it in their campaigns, others give encouraging speeches, few employers have already raise their employees wage. But workers more than anyone else are working hard, hard to make their rights be respected. 

Virginia P., a 37 years-old Latina who works at a store of Best Buy, said, “I don’t get why they keep talking about all the jobs and other stuff that will trigger the community. Where do you think most of the money comes from?”