Masked man, kite enthusiasts and families enjoy 32nd Berkeley Kite Festival

BERKELEY, CALIF. — The sun shone, kites danced and thousands of people from all over the country flocked to the Berkeley Kite Festival at Cesar E. Chavez Park on Sunday.

Sporting a unique cowboy hat and patriotic mask, Wadell Hunter flew a kite displaying Princess Anna from the hit animated movie, Frozen. Hunter and his wife, Janice, were celebrating their 27th anniversary at the festival in the company of their best friend, Paula Smith.

Wadell Hunter's "Frozen" kite dances in the air. Photo by Anamaya Shore

Wadell Hunter’s “Frozen” kite dances in the air. Photo by Anamaya Shore

“If Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy,” Hunter said with a smile.

Wadell said the mask’s purpose is not only for style, but also to preserve his anonymity.

“[My mask is] So nobody can see my ugly face,” Hunter joked. It was the Oakland native’s fourth trip to the festival, which roughly 35,000 people attended.

Wadell Hunter flies his "Frozen" kite.

Wadell Hunter flies his “Frozen” kite. Photo by Anamaya Shore

Also in attendance was Martin Turon from Berkeley. Turon did not have a particular cause for celebration like the Hunters, but he loves the festival because he is an avid kite enthusiast.

“It’s really relaxing and it’s a great social day,” Turon said. Sunday was his fourth time at the festival, but Turon says that the beautiful conditions made it the best experience yet.

He bought most of his kites from Costco, but insisted he is not endorsing the wholesale retail company. The kite of his choice was a colorful octopus he purchased at the festival.

“It’s a really solid flier,” Turon said.

Jesse Marvin and his daughter Lily, 6, enjoyed the free entertainment and delicious food.

“Garlic oysters, man…Those are the stuff!” Marvin said as his daughter Lily flew a tiny blue kite five feet in the air.

Marvin was also a four-year veteran of the event.

lily and dad

Jesse Marvin and his daughter, Lily, watch as his kite becomes untangled. Photo by Victoria Shirley