Drugs, equality on people’s minds

Elise Szabo, 20

Szabo, 20, is most worried about police brutality and the war on drugs. Photo by Nitya Aggarwal

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — What issue most concerns you? The Teen Observer staff asked tourists and residents at this city’s busy Pier 39 what mattered most:

Elise Szabo, 20, said the issues most important to her were police brutality, the war on drugs and the connections between the two.

“Police brutality is a direct impact of the war on drugs. The stereotypes are still very prevalent so the police go into communities seeing these people as criminals,” she said.

The issues most important to Chala Jan, 36, was equality for women, the LGBT community and immigrants. She said, “Everyone should be equal anyways.”

“This election makes me afraid. Because I’m an immigrant, and not a Christian,” she said.

David Ly, 26, simply said that he was most concerned with Donald Trump not being elected to office.

David Ly

David Ly said the issue he cared most about was that the next American president is not Donald Trump. Photo by Nitya Aggarwal

He said, “He seems like a big egomaniac.”